Every January, the World Economic Forum convenes the world's top business, government, academic and civil society leaders for a 5-day conference in the Swiss ski resort of Davos. As a wine enthusiast and a member of the internal WEF think tank, known as the Centre for Strategic Insight, Vidhi Tambiah organised some high quality wine tastings as part of the official Annual Meeting programme. Jancis Robinson OBE MW, a leading wine critic, author and TV personality acted as host and wine guide. Together with Vidhi, she meticulously designed and developed the tasting programme and executed a highly professional and informative series of sessions, which became instantly popular within the Davos community as a gathering point for individuals who loved wine and who also happened to be global leaders.

In 2009, Vidhi joined forces with David Spreng, an avid wine collector, Silicon Valley venture capitalist and long-time Davos regular. David had attended every wine event that Vidhi had organised and together they co-founded the Wine Forum as a non-profit Swiss based association. They expanded the Wine Forum's activities beyond the exclusive Davos wine tastings to incorporate a fundamental philanthropic element and site visits to the top vineyard areas where members could meet wine makers and buy wine.

Since its inaugural tasting in Zurich in January 2010, The Wine Forum has organized numerous events, trips and dinners all around the world. Please see our Events page for more information.